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Primal 24/7 is led by Ana Gonzalez, Chef and Owner at Prepared Fit Meals & Enchanted Sweet Shoppe.

Chef Ana is also the Owner and Designer at Apple Revolution.

A mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend. For Chef Ana, family is the most important thing in life.  Ana values each minute she spends with her children and husband and understands that leading a healthy lifestyle allows her to enjoy more of those special moments.

Our Services

From delicious prepared fit  meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a discerning palate in mind, to an exclusive cake mix that's sure to wow any sweet tooth (and healthy, too), our priority is to ensure the complete satisfaction of every client, while offering professional and friendly service at affordable rates. 

Enchanted Sweet Shoppe
Apple Revolution
Prepared Fit Meals


Our Philosophy

The Primal Blueprint
arose from a need to address the nutritional concerns of baby-boomers who were seeking nutritional  "tools" to achieve optimum health.

Founder Mark Sisson was appalled by all the medication people were taking and the amount of surgeries they were having to address health issues.  

The Primal Blueprint is based on lifestyle principles that have governed human health, evolution and peak performance for over two million years, and is supported by respected research in the fields of epigenetics and evolutionary biology. 

For more about The Primal Blueprint:(www.primalblueprint.com)

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